Elk County


Visitors are encouraged to not bring individuals who are not needed for the court visit or process. Those individuals who are waiting to be admitted will be directed to step outside or return to their vehicle and will be contacted by phone or text indicating that they are cleared to be admitted.

Drop Box

A drop box will be available for the submission of any documents or payments that must be submitted to the Clerk of the Court or the Court Services Department. The drop box will be clearly designated.  Court staff will retrieve all items in the drop box Monday through Friday at 8 am.

Public Access

Court files open to the public may be accessed by appointment with the clerk of the court. When requesting an appointment to review files the case number associated to the files must be provided.  A designated room in the courthouse will be utilized for the public to review files to restrict in-person contact.  

A public access computer will be available to the public separate from the offices of the court. 

Kansas Marriage Licenses

The Kansas Judicial Branch has restructured the process for obtaining marriage licenses. Marriage license applicants must apply for marriage licenses by using the online Marriage License Portal.

Kansas Protection Order Portal

To assure members of the public can access protection orders when needed, the Kansas Judicial Branch has created the Kansas Protection Order Portal.  The Portal allows a free and secure way to file for a petition for protection order online to the Elk County District Court Clerk.  The Portal also provides helpful information and resources.  The Portal does not prohibit the access to filing a petition in paper form.  If you need access to a paper form, please contact us by email or call (620) 374-2370.

Elk County residents may access additional information or support services related to domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual assault by contacting the Family Life Center Safehouse.


  • Copy Fee - A minimum fee of $0.50 per page will be assessed for making copies.
  • Email Copy Fee - A fee of $5.00 will be assessed for emailing 1-5 documents and 6 + $1.25 per document.
  • Certification Fee - A minimum fee of $1 will be assessed per certified document.

Requests for Information

Any requests for information may be made by telephone, in person, in writing, or by email. The clerk's office will have three business days to respond to such requests.