Court Administration

  1. Judges
  2. Court Rules
  3. Administrative Orders
  4. Interpreter Requests
  5. Requests for Use of Media Recording Devices
  6. Docket Fees
  7. ADA

District Judges 

Division 1 

Hon. Jan Satterfield, District Judge
Amy Boeckman, Administrative Assistant
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Division 2 

Hon. Charles Hart, District Judge
Chris Grove, Administrative Assistant
Email Division 2

Division 3 

Chief Judge David Ricke, District Judge
Liz Garcia, Administrative Assistant
Email Division 3

Division 4 

Hon. Chad Crum, District Judge
Angela Cool, Administrative Assistant
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Magistrate Judges

Greenwood County 

Hon. Phyllis K. Webster
District Magistrate Judge
Melissa Neighbors, Secretary I
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Elk County

Hon. Joe Lee
District Magistrate Judge
Erin Meador, Clerk of the District Court
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